Gabriele Pino

Since childhood Gabriele dreamed of doing magic, then he started drawing and realized his dream. After graduating from IED Turin in illustration and visual communication, he started working as a freelance illustrator, and currently draws comics for the weekly magazine “Origami” and creates with the designer and ceramist Cecilia Mosso the line of illustrated ceramics “Memorie”: ceramic objects that combine design , illustration and psychology.

He has worked for Matera 2019, Pitti Fragranze, Moscabianca Edizioni, Pearson Italia, Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Edizioni Off, LaStampa.

Also he has collaborated with festivals such as Inchiostro Festival, PawChewGo, Un Ponte di Storie, Fish and Chips Film Festival, Operae independent design fair and TheOthers.

Nature and human beings are his source of inspiration: he loves their poetry as well as their oddities. He travels often to discover oral tradition stories and create self-produced book projects.

In his spare time, he lets life surprise him.