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Through the experimentation of languages ​​and supports, the visual of the Graphic Days® festival becomes an experiential physical space; Declined in different ways, it evolves and changes by adapting to different media between material and virtual, through the use of different techniques. Thanks to the meeting of digital with the manual skills of artisanal production, unique works have been created, created in collaboration with the Serienumerica creative atelier.
With NFT Experience, Graphic Days® has initiated a confrontation with crypto art, an exploration into contemporary visual culture: each work exhibited has a corresponding NFT.


Presented for the first time at the NFT Experience exhibition, it presents a visual and material condensation of the visual of the Graphic Days® – Kids Edition festival, translating its themes into an abstract key.
The starting point is the tangram which, through a work of exasperation of shapes and overlapping of textures, becomes a medium for transmitting the message of change and generativity.
This collection was created in sublimation printing with zero water consumption, in collaboration with Sublitex®. Each work has its own NFT counterpart, which makes the relationship between physical and digital object more explicit.

Kids By Print Club

A collection dedicated to the visual variations of the festival through Serigraphy and Risograph, artisan printing techniques. The works were created by Print Club Torino, a printing and graphic experimentation laboratory located in Turin, founded in 2015. Each NFT corresponds to a physical work that is purchased at the same time as the digital version is sold.