Over the years we have collaborated with many realities in the area, working with teachers and school managers to create complete training experiences.

Print Club proposes, on the one hand, to activate training courses that can complement and implement university study courses related to graphics, illustration and printing and, on the other hand, to propose a valid offer to young people of different age groups – from elementary schools to high schools – who have not yet developed any experience in these areas.

We co-design, together with teachers and training managers, dedicated paths for carrying out school/work alternation, or we propose workshops and activities that can be implemented in school programs and respond to the need for the practical initiation of students and manual experimentation in the field of printing, graphic design and communication.

In addition to technical in-depth analysis, Print Club offers include attention to the management of group dynamics, problem solving and the sharing of training experience in its entirety, from both the manual and creative aspects.