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A formula dedicated to those who wish to go deeper, research and learn a creative, technical and experimental approach through a multi-day course designed for students and professionals, enthusiasts and artists.

Ideal for approaching a topic intensively and immersing totally in a creative space led by and working side by side with professional tutors. It will be possible to explore both the technical aspects and the practical side of manual experimentation.

Engraving techniques

The four-day full immersion is projected for those who want to improve their knowledge and at the same time allows beginners to accurately deal with all aspects of the art of engraving.
The techniques will be dealt with in depth and the participants will be helped to create, at their choice, small or large format slabs. All the materials used are included in the cost of the masterclass and provided by the tutor and the Print Club Torino.

The workshop will be activated with a maximum of eight participants to allow everyone to be followed in a careful and timely manner. The course is organized in collaboration with Giancarlo Busato of the Stamperia d’Arte Busato.

Creative Process

The opportunity to know the creative path of an artist, like Lucio Schiavon, in an informal and creative environment and to introduce members to the techniques that will be used.
The first day was dedicated to the design and research of new creative approaches related to illustration which was then printed in a risograph. Starting from the many examples of prints made in the laboratory, it was possible to experiment with the technique both in the analog version (with flatbed) and in the digital version (with file management).

The effects of different kinds of signs were explored: from pencil strokes, to tempera, to watercolors, in a sort of “effects” sample to guide the participants in their stylistic choice.
The tutor’s task was to follow the participants to develop an interesting project at a compositional level and to guide them on the creative side, maintaining an organicity of the course with the theme: imaginary cities.

Within the day, the participants also created the silkscreen insert, which will be customized in one color.

During the second day, the screen printing technique is introduced with the engraving of the frames and the subsequent printing of the individual designs. The course therefore has different purposes, which are developed over the days, first of all the design and finalization of your work with a mix of techniques.