The selections for the artistic residency program in the Netherlands are underway

Print Club Torino launches a double artistic residency project in collaboration with the Blind Walls Gallery in Breda. An emerging artist from the Netherlands will be selected to stay in Turin and collaborate with the Print Club Torino between September – October 2020, while a young Italian artist will be chosen for the exchange of artistic residence that will allow him to work in the spaces of the Blind Walls Gallery in Breda in November 2020.

The call is active from 31 July to 6 September 2020 and is dedicated to the search for the Italian candidate – whose requirements must be to live and work in Piedmont and be under the age of 35 – for the residency project in Breda dedicated to the theme of the construction of identity within the geographical context in which we live. Can the urban landscape determine the way of thinking and living of a person who lives in that context? Can it affect his habits? Starting from these questions, the emerging artist who will be selected for the program will be invited to produce a series of prints created with different techniques that will represent the research work done during the period of stay abroad and which will be hosted in an exhibition organized at the Blind Walls Gallery Gallery.

The two artists will have the opportunity to meet during the fifth edition of Graphic Days® (1-11 October 2020, Toolbox Coworking, Turin), the international festival dedicated to visual design promoted by Print Club Torino. We invite you to discover the selection criteria and the methods of conducting the artist residency by clicking on this link → Download the announcement The residency project is organized by the Blind Walls Gallery and the Association for social promotion Print Club Torino, with the support of the City of Breda, the Administration of the State of Noord-Brabant and the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Milan. The project is in collaboration with Graphic Matters Foundation and Graphic Days®️.

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