Masterclass | Pep Carrió


Little Cabinet of Curiosities

Where do the images come from? Why do we become passionate about collecting, why do we need to discover what is hidden?

The course with Pep Carrió is a workshop on the creative process and the creation of images.
Little Cabinet of curiosities is a journey, a game, a shared project in which we will all embark and each of us will contribute with their own images to create a unique collection, which will serve to analyze and reflect on how the images and visual suggestions are born.

Word, typography, image found, collage, drawing: we will use everything that strikes us. Everything can be used in this experiment. We will create this “Cabinet of Curiosities” that will collect the different images that, collected, can give life to an edition.

All lovers of creation, image, editions, uniqueness. This is not a laboratory of techniques or drawing, it is a meeting to let the imagination travel in search of images that were hidden in us. Illustrators, designers and curious people are welcome!

It designates the places where, during the period of the great explorations and discoveries of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a multitude of rare or strange objects representing all or some of the three kingdoms considered at the time were collected and presented. The collections could be organized into four categories (called in Latin): Artificialia, Naturalia, Exotica, Scientifica.

Friday at 6.30 pm
Presentation of the creative universe of Pep Carrió “The Infinite Line” Where we will informally talk about: What is the invisible line that lies beneath the creative processes? What guides us consciously or unconsciously to take a path in the development of each of our projects? Why do we need to search, deepen, multiply, abandon, and then resume that line later, letting it weave our creative biography? “The Infinite Line” reflects on the journey of creation and how this traces a unique cartography.

Definition of the theme of the course, exploration of the world ‘Cabinet of curiosities’ and how these have influenced the work of different artists. Definition of our project in which we will establish times, materials in which we will reproduce our proposals.

Saturday h 9.30-17.30
We start our journey, we trace a path that will take us into uncharted territories, each of these places will provide us with a unique image that each participant will contribute to our expedition. We work on the project, share ideas, sketches, analyze proposals, develop, build…

Sunday h 9.30-17.30
We conclude what is planned and prepare it to be printed with the technique of Resonance or other printing techniques with the help of the tutors of the Print Club Torino, thus creating a unique collection.

We expose and share the results.

All the stationery, magazines, papers and tools for this trip will be provided by the Print Club, you will receive a specific email with a list of items to take with you to customize your work!

The workshop will be activated with a minimum number of 8 participants and will be held with a maximum of 20 people. Registration will be finalized after the payment of the entire fee, buying it from the site or at the headquarters of the Print Club Torino.

COST: 250 €
14 hours of intensive course / realization of their own elaborated with Pep Carriò + printing in screen printing with the Print Club Torino / papers / materials to realize the project/ teaching material.

Participation in the workshop gives the right to membership to € 30 that will allow participants to access the laboratory independently. Please note that membership is mandatory in order to access the activities of the laboratory.

You can cancel your registration within 7 calendar days from the start of the course, informing the Print Club Torino at the email address The fee paid may be used for participation in another workshop (within one year, after which it will no longer be returned). Failure to notify within the prescribed days will result in the loss of the deposit paid.
For further information and details please write to: