Individual Workshops

How to carry out the projects kept in the drawer and make your card bear fruit in the laboratory? Simple! With a series of personalized meetings with our tutors to approach the techniques of screen printing and risograph. These meetings are designed for Graphic designers, illustrators, visual designers who are passionate about publishing, paper lovers and manual skills. For those who want to create and finalize a personal project in the laboratory.

Book an appointment with the tutor, you decide the day and how many hours you want to use: we discuss your draft, which you can send us by email, and together we decide which technique is best suited to your work.

You can decide between two options:

PART-TIME: in serigraphy or risograph you can create the edition of a subject in one color;

FULL-TIME: together we will create a two-color poster (in serigraphy or risograph). Color tests and finalization of the paper. If your project is more complex, for example a fanzine, we will create together the proofs and screens: ready for printing! Or do you have more ambitious goals in mind? We accept the challenge: tell us your idea and together we will look for the way to make it real! 

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