A workshop to rediscover woodcut and linocut, engraving techniques that have become the autonomous means of expression of many contemporary artists. Woodcut is a technique of engraving images on wooden tablets, called matrices, which are subsequently inked and used for the production of several copies on paper by printing with the press. Once printed, the sheet will detect that the hollowed out parts will be white while the embossed ones will be black. Since woodblock is a type of relief engraving, it is not difficult to insert the wood matrix into the typographic forms, while simultaneously printing text and images.

Presentation of the woodcut technique. With the tutor Giancarlo Busato you will learn how to prepare the matrix with the appropriate tools so that it is ready to be printed. Each participant will then be able to create an original subject on their own matrix thanks to the presence and indications of Mirta Caccaro, a professional artist. Finally, with the printing phase, each subscriber will see his original xylographic print run.
All materials will be provided by the Tutor and the Print Club Torino: inks, consumables, engraving tools, paper
The cost is inclusive of: 7 hours of intensive course / materials
The workshop will be activated with a minimum number of 7 participants and will be held with a maximum of 15
Participation in the workshop entitles you to a 25 € promotional membership card which will allow participants to access the workshop independently. We remind you that membership is mandatory in order to access the activities of the laboratory.
You can opt out of enrollment within 7 calendar days from the start date of the course, by informing the Turin Print Club at the email address workshop@printclubtorino.it. The fee paid can be used for participation in another workshop (within one year, after which it will no longer be returned). Failure to notify within the established days provides for the loss of the deposit paid. For more information and details, write to us at the email address: workshop@printclubtorino.it

Giancarlo Busato

Stamperia d'Arte Busato