Textile Screen Printing

The course is open to all lovers of screen printing and to those who want to experiment with this technique on fabric. The workshop allows you to explore the file design or elaboration of a design suitable for screen printing to produce your own original design. In a day of full immersion, each participant will have the opportunity to deepen the stages of the screen printing process and the creation of their subject. Finally you will be able to produce your t-shirts (and not only) in screen printing!



Saturday 17 from 9.30 to 18.30 (1 hour of free break) The morning will be dedicated to the design and preparation of the frame for engraving. Each participant will develop their own original subject, in 1 color, for printing on fabric, under the guidance of the tutors. It will be possible to combine the print with the other subjects, made by the participants, thus overlapping multiple colors and subjects, thus opening up the possibilities to different and interesting modules and solutions. Each member will bring the fabric on which they will print, we recommend cotton or linen, with a very fine texture, on which to print their work.


Frames, inks and all the screen printing equipment is made available by the Print Club. The personal subject, in 1 color and in a maximum size of A5, will be screen printed. Each member will bring a maximum of 10 T-Shirts to print or other ‘flat’ fabrics that can be packaged later. – COST The cost is € 80 and includes: 7 hours of intensive course / materials /


The workshop will be activated with a minimum number of 7 participants and will be held with a maximum of 12


Participation in the workshop entitles you to a 25 € promotional membership card which will allow participants to access the workshop independently. We remind you that membership is mandatory in order to access the activities of the laboratory.


You can opt out of enrollment within 7 calendar days from the start date of the course, by informing the Turin Print Club at the email address workshop@printclubtorino.it. The fee paid can be used for participation in another workshop (within one year, after which it will no longer be returned). Failure to notify within the established days provides for the loss of the deposit paid. For more information and details, write to us at the email address: workshop@printclubtorino.it