Risograph Mania


Risograph printing: easy to learn, allows anyone to get interesting papers and is extremely fun and satisfying! Its appearance is may be misleading because it looks like a common copier, but in reality its operation is more like screen printing, with layers printed separately thanks to the interchangeable color cylinders. Intense colors, impressive overprinting and the possibility of large runs in a short time. The imperfections given by this type of print have a particular charm. The course is open to all those who are intrigued by Risograph printing: illustrators, graphic designers, designers, enthusiasts and amateurs.



Tricks, special effects and tricks will be taught! We will develop a project together and a series of forms and a main theme will be provided with which each participant can test himself by mixing and creating his own paper. The workshop intends to bring the Risograph printing technique closer and proposes the creation of an A3 format support, with which to experiment. The result will be a series of representations each different but with a common visual matrix. Whether you are a designer, architect, illustrator or simply a lover of creativity, the course is open to everyone. Each participant, accompanied by the tutors present in all phases, will learn to prepare their subject suitable for printing thanks to the collage technique.




Each member will be able to indulge themselves by mixing papers, colors, effects and will learn to exploit the peculiarities of this technology to obtain a unique effect. Here are the ingredients for this appointment: – 2 colors – 2 matrices – A3 size paper MATERIALS All materials will be provided by the Print Club Torino. However, if you want to bring images or graphics that you want to use in your project, don’t hesitate!



The cost is 80 (for NON students) and 60 € (for STUDENTS) and includes: 7 hours of intensive course / materials /


The workshop will be activated with a minimum number of 7 participants and will be held with a maximum of 12


Participation in the workshop entitles you to a 25 € promotional membership card which will allow participants to access the workshop independently. We remind you that membership is mandatory in order to access the activities of the laboratory.


You can opt out of enrollment within 7 calendar days from the start date of the course, by informing the Turin Print Club at the email address workshop@printclubtorino.it. The fee paid can be used for participation in another workshop (within one year, after which it will no longer be returned). Failure to notify within the established days provides for the loss of the deposit paid. For more information and details, write to us at the email address: workshop@printclubtorino.it